Legal agreement



1.1 “User” means, in This Agreement, a private individual or organization using the Service.
1.2 “Content” means, in This Agreement, all types of images, videos and other material  and information that a User uploads to the Service.
1.3 “Buyer” means, in This Agreement, a private individual or organization buying a license to use Content through the Service.



2.1 The Content including, without limitations, all intellectual property rights in the same, shall remain the sole and exclusive property of
2.2 The Buyer is advised to request additional consent in relation to Content that clearly includes a motif that is subject, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, private property and other legal rights that might limit the use of the Content, before using the Content for commercial purposes.
2.3 Notwithstanding the previous paragraphs, StockphotoRB grant the Buyer of  hte Content a non-exclusive, worldwide license to use the Content in accordance with the sections in This Agreement.



3.1 StockphotoRB have the right to, at any time and without notice, delete, move or edit any Content uploaded to the Service.
3.2 Regardless of any other provisions in this Agreement the following use of Content shall always be considered prohibited:
a) any use in breach of applicable law, including but not limited to incitement to racial hatred, child pornography, slander, insult, instigation of rebellion, unlawful description of violence;
b) any use that may in any other way be conceived as threatening, insulting, racist, vulgar, indecent, sexist or use which violates the personal sphere or dignity of a private individual, including but not limited to advertisements in relation to dating, pornography or any other use that StockphotoRB, in its own discretion, views as harmful to either the subject of the Content or the reputation and brand of StockphotoRB;
c) any use that constitutes infringement of a third party trademark, copyright, personal data legislation or any other legal right.



4.1 “Permitted Uses” of the Content are:
a) advertising and promotional projects, including printed materials, product packaging, presentations, film and video presentations, commercials, catalogues, brochures, promotional greeting cards and promotional postcards;
b) entertainment applications, such as books and book covers, magazines, newspapers, editorials, newsletters, and video, broadcast and theatrical presentations;
c) on-line or electronic publications and web sites, such as web pages, web services, mobile applications, blogs and social media;
d) edit the Content as long as you do it in accordance with the Code of Conduct (it is i.e. not Permitted Use to add a inappropriate speech bubble, etc.).
4.2 You may use the Content in countless editions, infinitely larger prints and also unlimited in your future projects as long as your use of it is regarded as Permitted Uses.
4.3 The Buyer may purchase Content for a third party, for use by said third party. This does not, however constitute a right for the Buyer to re-use this specific license outside the scope of its relation with the specific third party. A Buyer who purchases Content for a third party has an obligation to keep a written record of its relation to a third party and to present such record to StockphotoRB upon request. The record shall include the name of the said third person, the date(s) on which the Content was used and the image number of the Content.
4.4 Have the right to print the Content on unlimited numbers products for resale or distribution for profit, such as posters, postcards, mugs and T-shirts and also use the Content as, or as a part of, a logotype.



5.1 Editorial Content is Content that StockphotoRB not have the required Consent to. These Content may not be used for commercial purposes but can for example be used in news contexts. Editorial Content is non-exclusive for the User who buys them. In addition, the editorial Content are subject to the Permitted Use in section 4.1 in This Agreement, however the User who buys Editorial Content can use them for newspublishing to an unlimited extent.
5.2 Editorial Content may not be modified or otherwise altered from its original state, with the exception of cropping the Editorial Content in such a way that it does not materially change the original state.
5.3 If the use of the Editorial Content is under a circumstance where hyperlinks are technically possible, you shall provide a link to



6.1 The Service is provided “as is” without warranties of any kind. StockphotoRB does not warrant that the Service will meet your requirements of it or that the use of the Service will be uninterrupted or free from errors.



7.1 All purchases are final and binding, you will not be refunded under any circumstances, except if the purchased Content has technical flaws or if required by law. When you have paid for the Content, the Content will be available for you to use under the license you paid for.



8.1 This Agreement is considered to be in effect from the day you accept it until either party terminates it.