Herbaria on a book

Herbaria on a book

Herbaria on a book


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1. Editorial Content is Content that StockphotoRB not have the required Consent to. These Content may not be used for commercial purposes but can for example be used in news contexts. Editorial Content is non-exclusive for the User who buys them. In addition, the editorial Content are subject to the Permitted Use in section 4.1 in This Agreement, however the User who buys Editorial Content can use them for newspublishing to an unlimited extent.
2. Editorial Content may not be modified or otherwise altered from its original state, with the exception of cropping the Editorial Content in such a way that it does not materially change the original state.
3. If the use of the Editorial Content is under a circumstance where hyperlinks are technically possible, you shall provide a link to https://stockphotorb.com.

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