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The lighthouse in Cabo de Palos, Spain.

The lighthouse in Cabo de Palos, Spain.

The lighthouse is one of the most interesting neoclassical buildings in the Region of Murcia. Located on a rocky headland, it sits on the last hill of the coastal mountain range of Cartagena. At this point the land submerges under the Mediterranean waters before reemerging in the islands of Islas Hormigas.

Originally created to house the school of “Escuela de Torreros“, the lighthouse faces East on the highest point of the cape, an area where there was an artillery emplacement or watch tower back in the day. The idea of building a watch tower on the headland of Cabo de Palos as part of defense system covering the entire Murcia Region coast, is attributed to king Felipe II in 1570. The original tower was destroyed in 1861 with the idea of building what is now the Cabo de Palos Lighthouse, project coordinated by the engineer Leonardo de Tejada.

The construction certificate of acceptance was dated December 18, 1864 and the lighthouse first emitted light on January 31, 1865.



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